Blender Tutorial

Getting Started

You should know this before getting started:

  • Blender is for small/medium builds. Get too large, and Blender will start crashing.
  • It takes a while to fully setup a scene. In this tutorial, I spent approximately 2 hours total messing with the scene, not shown in this page.
  • Renders are decently fast on an RTX GPU, but can take a lot longer on CPUs.
  • There is an incredibly high amount of customisability for your scenes. If you can imagine it, you can probably recreate it.
  • Previous knowledge of Blender is definitely recommended, although not fully necessary for this tutorial. You can find a great tutorial by Blender Guru here.
  • Finally, this tutorial shows my own workflow. This is in no way the most efficient or the best way to render, but it is how I create my own renders. Each person has their own style!

What about Blender 3.x?

Sections of this tutorial have been updated to fully support Blender 3.x. A newer tutorial may be produced in the future.